Research Area 1

Indoor airflow simulation and visualization of droplets, which are necessary for improving the COVID-19 Infection Prevention Guidelines for each industrial sector

Objective: To develop and implement a series of research and development programs that enable the formulation of guidelines for infection prevention, simulation and verification of virus spread in office, commercial facilities and public spaces, and implementation of effective infection prevention measures.

  • (1-1)Guidelines for infection prevention are being developed by each industry and include measures such as installation of acrylic shields between customers and customers, installation of masks and face guards, ventilation, and air flow control of air conditioners. Can we present the differences in infection risk and methods to reduce the risk of infection during no speaking, vocalization, loud vocalization, singing, etc. by simulating the environments of concert halls and theaters of varying size and nature, where many people gather? Can we simulate the airflow in the facility and evaluate the effects of ventilation and other factors? These findings are expected to be reflected in the guidelines and infection prevention measures of individual facilities.
  • (1-2)It is important to prevent infection in elderly facilities and medical institutions where vulnerable people congregate, and is it possible to present infection control measures in those environments?
  • (1-3)Is it possible to create and evaluate a model to evaluate the risk of infection and the effectiveness of masks in the general public (indoor and outdoor crowds, and on trains)?
  • (1-4)Is it possible to measure the actual dispersal of droplets, such as those containing viruses, and viruses adhering to the surface of materials using LIDAR, etc., and to calibrate the simulation and track particles containing viruses in real time?
  • (1-5)Furthermore, is it possible to immediately measure and visualize virus-containing droplets emitted from persons infected with the new coronavirus, including asymptomatic infected persons?