Research Area 2

Use of ICT and IoT for contact reduction

Objectives: To develop and deploy a series of technologies that enable effective implementation and data-based verification of the effectiveness of measures to reduce high-risk contact in daily life, as well as immediate visualization and inactivation of virus dispersal.

  • (2-1)Is it possible to use face recognition technology to automatically detect whether masks are used or not and to promote their appropriate use?
  • (2-2)Furthermore, is it possible to measure the rate of mask use, to verify the statistical significance of mask use and the probability of infection, and to predict the spread and suppression of infection based on real time data on mask use?
  • (2-3)Is it possible to develop methods to protect against nosocomial infections in medical institutions and at elderly people's facilities due to unexpected visits by asymptomatic infected patients?
  • (2-4)Is it possible to verify reduction of infections by using contact applications in places such as sports games, concerts, and restaurants.
  • (2-5)Is it possible to compare the risk of infection in the contact app user and non-user groups.
  • (2-6)Can we implement and develop effective contact reduction methods using robots and other devices?
  • (2-7)Is it possible to develop an infection prevention device that combines lasers, ultraviolet light, image processing, etc.?