Multiagent model simulation : Impact of cluster interventions

Research and Development by

Asako CHIBA, The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

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The project performed simulations for (1) daily testing (tests of only 50% of symptomatic population) and (2) daily testing + cluster interventions (ref.: daily testing + random testing) to estimate the trend for new infections and evaluate the efficiency of testing strategies

Note: Cluster interventions: For groups of 3 or more positive patients, identification and testing of primary and secondary contacts of positive patients

Courtesy of : Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

  • Cluster interventions require a significant increase in the number of tests performed, but are effective at restraining transmission.
  • Achieving equivalent positivity trends to cluster interventions would require random testing of 1% of the asymptomatic population. Cluster interventions are able to restrain infection growth with fewer tests.