Development of Systematic Measurement Methods for Reducing False Negative

Research and Development by

Takaaki AKAIKE, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

Corresponding Research Area

Effective combination of PCR, antibody tests, and other tests necessary for improving test efficiency and reliability

Omics Analysis of Exhaled Aerosols for Diagnosis of Virus Infection

Goals and Achievements

  • Proteomic analysis of SARS-CoV2 in exhaled breath condensates obtained from COVID-19 patients of mild and moderate severity
  • Exploration of biomarkers for estimating host defense activity and disease severity by newly developed breath omics technology

【Future assignments】

  • Optimize sample processing and analytical methods to improve diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Examine impacts of different breathing conditions (e.g. with no voice, small voice, singing voice and loud voice) on the recovery of viral particles in exhaled breath condensates (EBC)
  • Acquire biomarkers for diagnosis of pneumonia and cytokine storm and prediction of prognosis
  • Increase clinical case number for EBC analysis and integrate the EBC profiles with clinical information and genome information to establish AI diagnostics based on the breath omics