FY2020 Result Report

Keynote speech: Overview of AI simulation project and results of this project

On Monday, January 25, 2021, COVID-19 AI and Simulation Project Outcome Presentation was held.

Hiroaki Kitano
Chairperson of the AI Simulation Study Group for Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infections President and Representative Director, Sony Computer Science Laboratories

What we have learned from this project

Through droplet simulation, it has become clear that “humidification”, “ventilation”, “wearing masks”, and “appropriate seating arrangement” are effective in controlling the spread of droplets and aerosols. In addition, the virus inactivation effect of ultraviolet light is also in the process of verification, and we recommend that it be promoted as one of the six pillars of COVID-19: “mask”, “maximum ventilation”, “humidification”, “hand washing”, “avoidance of three densities” and “decontamination”.

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