Research Area 5

Objectives: To accelerate the acquisition of biological knowledge necessary for the development of infection control, vaccine development, and therapeutics to end COVID-19 at an early stage, and to research and develop methods for the detection of infected patients who need to be identified rapidly and with emphasis on super-spreaders and patients at risk of severe disease. Furthermore, we will rapidly establish a systematic clinical research base for emerging infectious diseases that are expected to emerge in the future. In addition, we will promote understanding of the changes in infectivity and pathogenicity caused by SARS-CoV-2 mutations and their impact on the development of vaccines and therapeutics, thereby contributing to the development of prevention and treatment methods. In addition, we will establish methods that can be applied to emerging viruses that are expected to emerge in the future.

*This information describes the results of simulations conducted by researchers in order to analyze the effects of corona countermeasures in the COVID-19 AI and Simulation Project conducted by the Cabinet Secretariat. All results including the simulations in the documents are not the official views of the Government.

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