1. Terms and Conditions

This submission form is for those who wish to contribute research topics relevant to the realization of a Smart Life.
If you have an idea for a research topic that you hope to pursue that uses AI simulation to find ways of preventing the spread of infectious diseases without interrupting socio-economic activities, and that corresponds to one or more of the five research fields of this project, please submit it here.

Before making your submission, please check to be sure that the research topic you are submitting aligns with the purpose of this project and ensure that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

Beginning in August, we will accept submissions from those who are willing to agree to the terms and conditions and connect to the data-sharing platform for the COVID-19 AI and Simulation Project, using the available data and registering their findings.

■Research Topic Guidelines
Submitted research topics should correspond to one or more of the five research fields of this project and serve to take immediate and optimal measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pandemics in the future based on currently available knowledge and technologies.
Submissions are open to both individuals and groups.
Applicants under the age of 20 must have consent from a guardian or their representative prior to submission.
■Exemption from the Right to Claim Compensatory Damages
By completing and submitting this application, applicants and affiliated parties agree to waive the right to claim compensatory damages and shall be solely responsible for resolving any disputes with third parties related to the entries submitted by the applicant, at their own cost.
■How to Apply to Make a Submission
Please use the application form below.
■Use of Information
Any information that you provide to this website is subject to the Privacy Policy of the Cabinet Secretariat and will be administered and protected appropriately.
If you indicate that you consent that your submissions be made public, your submitted research topic may be published on our website. (Submissions that do not follow the Terms and Conditions will be omitted from the list of submissions open to the public.)
Applicants shall be responsible for the backup of submissions. Submitted information and data will not be returned.

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